Planning out, and executing, retirement community dining menus in Houston, TX can be streamlined and simple thanks to the many tools made available through Recipes & Rotations. Through our dining menu programs, your facility is able to meet the many challenges that come with feeding residents appropriate meals.

Recipes and Rotations Menu Planning for Assisted Living Example


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28-day Menu Rotations

Our 28-day menu rotations are developed by a chef with years of experience...

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Printable menus

All of our printable menus are customizable with your logo.

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Scalable Recipes

Each recipe is easily and accurately scaled to any portion size.

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Bulk Recipes

For items you always want to keep on hand.

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Integrated ordering system

Control food costs and quality with this easy-to-use tool.

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Flexibility to alter menus

Change any item on the 28-day rotation to one of your own.

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Special & Holiday Meals

Special menus your residents and their guests will love.

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Daily Modified Diet Spreadsheets

Written by Registered Dietitians, clear and printable.

All Chef-developed and Registered Dietitian-approved.
And all for less than a penny a meal!

We develop retirement community meal plans in Houston, TX — all you have to do is follow them

Throwing together meal plans and rotations can, at its core, be pretty basic and easy. However, creating a plan that provides variety and something special for your residents is far more difficult.

That’s why Recipes & Rotations is such an important asset to senior care facilities in Houston and around the rest of the country. We create Houston retirement community meal plans and hand them over to you. With a 28-day rotation and easy-to-follow recipes, you don’t have to put any thought into this process. However, this plan is also easy to customize and alter, so if a moment of brilliance strikes, you can put your own touches on your facility’s plan.

Retirement community dining menus in Houston, TX that are dietician-approved

One of the primary challenges that come with developing and executing Houston retirement community dining menus is adhering to the dietary and nutritional needs of residents. Elderly men and women require a nutritional intake that varies quite a bit from the general population.

With Recipes & Rotations, we pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between taste, variety and nutrition. All of our recipes and plans are approved by a registered dietician, so you don’t have to worry whether or not they are meeting the critical needs of your residents.

Explore the subscription plans of Recipes & Rotations and see how you can bring an outstanding culinary experience to the residents at your facility.


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