Our Program

Recipes & Rotations – Real Food for Mom and Dad is an integrated program, designed by an accomplished chef working closely with Registered Dietitians. Everyone involved has many years of experience in a wide variety of food and beverage settings. Their knowledge and in-the-trenches familiarity with every style and level of food includes work with
some of the country’s finest restaurants, full-service catering operations, hotels, universities and CCRCs.

The rare combined skill set of this team has enabled them to put together a unique system that delivers the best in quality and compliance. It will allow you to offer your residents made-from-scratch comfort foods they will really look forward to, incorporating satisfying and enjoyable meal times into an overall plan for health and wellness. At the same time, it will provide you with an integrated set of tools to control your food costs, offer wonderful variety, simplify and improve your back-office kitchen planning and help keep you in regulatory compliance.


Here are the components of our program:

Assisted Living Monthly Menu Program for the Elderly

28-day Menu Rotations

Our 28-day menu rotations are developed by a chef with years of experience delighting some of the most demanding clientele at some of the country’s most respected restaurants. Then, each recipe, meal and weekly menu are evaluated by a Registered Dietitian to certify that they meet all Federal regulations to keep you and your program in compliance.

Assisted living facilities printable daily, weekly, and special menus

Printable Daily, Weekly and Specials Menus

Attractive, printable daily, weekly and specials menus. You will have the capability to print 8.5×11” daily menus to use in menu folders in your dining room, as well as landscape-orientated weekly menus on legal-sized paper. A matching 8.5×11” Specials menu template is also provided so that you can develop your own alternate choices to offer your residents in addition to our 28-Day Rotation.

Image of diet plan for seniors with scalable recipes image

Scalable Recipes

Your chef or kitchen manager will have total control over deciding how many portions of each recipe they would like to make. They can set the same default number of portions for every meal, based on your number of residents. They can also change the number of portions for any specific meal (say, lunch on Tuesday of Week One) or any specific meal part for any meal (like Dessert on dinner on Wednesday of Week Four.)

Image of sample custom bulk recipes developed for seniors

Bulk Recipes

A number of recipes are designated as Bulk Recipes. These are items that your chef might want to make in quantity, to always have plenty on hand regardless of the Menu Rotation. The Bulk Recipe feature gives your chef this option for items like Blue Cheese Dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Chicken Stock and Salad Croutons.

Screenshot of our integrated ordering system, cloud based recipe software retirement homes

An Integrated Ordering System

We help your chef or kitchen manager control food costs with an easy-to-use, integrated ordering system that makes sure they order everything they need – no more, no less. No more running out of product, and no more throwing out items that were over-ordered. It’s not just a shopping list, it’s a chef-designed tool that shows your staff just what they need, for any date range they specify, taking into account the exact number of portions your kitchen manager specifies for each meal, along with any pertinent yields that apply to each ingredient.

Image shows easy flexibility to alter menus with online bulk recipe generator

The flexibility to alter menus

You have the ability to change any item on our 28-Day Rotation to one of your own menu items. If your chef prepares a dish that your residents love that he wants to keep serving, no problem. You can substitute it for any dish on the rotation. Your dish will then appear on your Printed Weekly and Daily Menus instead of the original item. (Changes to the original rotation may require a Registered Dietitian’s approval, as well as modifications to the Modified Diet Spreadsheets.)

Image of sample special holiday meals planner for assisted living special diet

Special Holiday meals

We include special Holiday meals at every opportunity. Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year’s Day, National Grandparents’ Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and more. These Holiday meals will consist of traditional and expected comfort foods that your residents, and their families, will love.

Photo of daily diet spreadsheets made using elderly nutrition program online

Daily Modified Diet Spreadsheets

In addition to every one of our recipes and weekly menus having a Registered Dietitian’s signature of approval, each day of our 28-Day Rotation comes with a Modified Diet Spreadsheet, written and signed by a Registered Dietitian. These will indicate portion sizes for each menu item as well as any necessary modifications or substitutions to specific menu items for modified textures and therapeutic diets, making it clear to your staff just how to handle special situations without confusion.

Picture of subscription plans for elderly assisted living nutrition bulk meal plans

Subscription Plans

Here’s how your subscription to Recipes & Rotations works.