Subscription Plans 1You can pay $125 for each of three 28-day rotations ($375 total), entitling you to all the services listed below for 84 days. When the three 28-day rotations are finished, you can renew your subscription. Payments are made in advance.

Subscription Plans 1You can pay $125 for each of twelve 28-day rotations ($1,500 total) and get the next rotation free, which entitles you to all the services listed below for an entire year. When the year is up, you can renew your subscription. Payments are made in advance.

For communities with 150 residents, this comes out to less than a penny a meal per resident!


Subscription Plans 3

28-day Menu Rotations

  • Each day includes full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
  • Chef-developed and approved by Registered Dietitians.
  • Color coordinated by week.
  • Change with the seasons.
  • Consisting of Real Food, the kind your residents have been enjoying their whole lives.
  • Designed to consistently offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with quality proteins, always providing your residents many options to easily choose a satisfying, wholesome, nutritious meal.
  • You have the ability to change any menu item to one of your own.
Subscription Plans 4

Attractive Printable Daily and Weekly Menus

  • You can print 8.5×11” Daily Menus to use in menu folders in your dining room,
  • and landscape-orientated Weekly Menus on legal-sized paper.
  • A matching 8.5×11” Specials Menu template is provided so that you can develop your own alternate choices to offer your residents in addition to our 28-Day Rotation.
  • The Daily and Specials Menus can be customized with your logo.
  • The Daily and Specials Menus use a font that’s especially user-friendly for people with impaired eyesight.
Subscription Plans 5

Scalable Recipes

  • Easy to follow, chef-friendly, professional Recipes for every item on each rotation.
  • Each Recipe is easy to scale to your desired number of portions.
  • Every Recipe is approved by a Registered Dietitian.
  • Each custom-scaled Recipe can be printed as an 8.5×11” pdf.
  • Running out of an item in the middle of service or having to waste excess production will be problems of the past.
  • These Custom-Scaled Recipes vastly improve and simplify prep work.
Subscription Plans 6

Bulk Recipes

  • Custom-scale certain recipes for items you’ll always want to keep on hand.
  • Examples include: ranch dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, salad croutons, stocks, etc.
Subscription Plans 7

An Integrated Ordering System

  • Not just a shopping list, but a chef-designed tool that shows how much of every ingredient you’ll need to purchase to produce the recipes for any date range you specify, based on the number of portions you’ve chosen.
  • It takes into account all pertinent yields.
  • It’s organized by category to make ordering easy.
  • No more running out of product, and no more throwing out items that were over-ordered.
  • Makes prep work much more efficient.
  • Helps control your food costs!
Subscription Plans 4

Special Holiday Menus

  • Consisting of traditional and expected comfort foods that your residents, and their families, will love.
  • They will appear on the appropriate printable Daily and Weekly Menus.
  • You will receive the Scalable Recipes needed to produce these meals, as well as an altered Modified Diet Spreadsheet for each day that contains a Holiday Meal.
  • All ingredients required to produce these meals will appear on your Order List, in the correct amounts needed based on the number of portions you’ve chosen.
  • All the Recipes that make up these meals, along with the broader menus they appear in, are approved by a Registered Dietitian.
Subscription Plans 9

Daily Modified Diet Spreadsheets

  • Each day of every 28-day Rotation comes with a Modified Diet Spreadsheet, written and signed by a Registered Dietitian.
  • These will indicate portion sizes for each menu item, as well as any necessary modifications to or substitutions for specific items in regards to modified texture and therapeutic diets.
  • Spreadsheets are printable on 8.5×11” paper, so that they can always be accessible to your staff in your kitchen and service areas.
  • They are color-coordinated with the weekly menus to make it easier for your staff to know just where they are in the rotation, and to easily choose and use the correct Spreadsheet.
  • Recipes are provided for all substitute items.
Subscription Plans 10

Nutritional Analysis

  • For each week of every 28-day Menu Rotation, as well as an average for the entire period.