Daily Modified Diet Spreadsheets

In addition to every one of our recipes and weekly menus having a Registered Dietitian’s signature of approval, each day of our 28-Day Rotation comes with a Modified Diet Spreadsheet, written and signed by a Registered Dietitian. These will indicate portion sizes for each menu item as well as any necessary modifications or substitutions to specific menu items for modified textures and therapeutic diets, making it clear to your staff just how to handle special situations without confusion.

These Modified Diet Spreadsheets are printable, so that they can always be accessible to your staff in your kitchen and service areas. The spreadsheets are color-coordinated with the weekly menus to make it easier for your staff to know just where they are in the rotation, and to easily choose and use the correct Spreadsheet.

A Nutritional Analysis is also provided for each week of each 28-Day Rotation, along with an average analysis for the entire rotation.

Recipes & Rotations Daily Diet Spreadsheet Example

At $125/month, our services, including seasonal menu rotations, scalable recipes, cost-controlling integrated ordering system, printable weekly and daily menus, menu flexibility, Holiday menus, Modified Diet Spreadsheets, Nutrional Analysis and Registered Dietitian’s approval come out to only pennies a day per resident. In a community with 150 residents, the cost for all of our services is less than a penny a meal per resident.