Are you looking for a resource that is especially experienced and skilled at menu planning for elderly diners? If you manage a senior care center or senior living facility, then you are probably in this situation right now.

We want to introduce you to Recipes & Rotations, an online-based subscription service that offers a plan and general guidance for these types of facilities. Our team combines for decades of experience developing menus and meal planning for elderly.

We harness this knowledge and experience to provide our clients with 28-day menu rotations each month. This information includes a day-by-day meal plan and lists all the ingredients — including the quantities needed for your specific facility — needed to produce these meals.

Our Inspired Menu Ideas for Elderly Residents

Recipes & Rotations offers menu planning for the elderly developed by an actual chef that has logged years of experience in high-end restaurants and catering companies around the country. Drawing from this experience, we are able to produce menu rotations that are truly:

  • Delicious: Some people think that food in senior living facilities doesn’t have to taste good as long as it’s nutritious. Your residents want to be able to indulge in great food just like anyone else. We deliver home style, comfort food that tastes like you’re dinging at a real restaurant.
  • Nutritious: These menu items must meet certain nutritional guidelines in order to best serve your residents. At Recipes & Rotations, a registered dietician has approved each item on our menu.
  • Varied: Who wants to eat the same old thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner week in and week out? With Recipes & Rotations, you can provide a variety for your residents.

This might sound daunting to offer all this, but Recipes & Rotations makes it easy. You just need a kitchen staff that is fairly experienced in cooking meals from scratch. We guide them along the way.


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28-day Menu Rotations

Our 28-day menu rotations are developed by a chef with years of experience...

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Printable menus

All of our printable menus are customizable with your logo.

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Scalable Recipes

Each recipe is easily and accurately scaled to any portion size.

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Bulk Recipes

For items you always want to keep on hand.

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Integrated ordering system

Control food costs and quality with this easy-to-use tool.

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Flexibility to alter menus

Change any item on the 28-day rotation to one of your own.

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Special & Holiday Meals

Special menus your residents and their guests will love.

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Daily Modified Diet Spreadsheets

Written by Registered Dietitians, clear and printable.

All Chef-developed and Registered Dietitian-approved.
And all for less than a penny a meal!

Make Meal Planning for Elderly Residents Easy

Your kitchen staff doesn’t have to devote valuable time developing a menu that is both delicious and nutritious — a goal that many have tried, but fallen short of. Let our customized menu planning take care of this burden. Learn more about Recipes & Rotations, and how we approach menu planning for elderly individuals, by consulting with our team.


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