Resident Centered Recipes

Welcome to Recipes & Rotations, where our resident centered recipes assure that you have happy residents, less waste and lower costs to your kitchen.

Recipes & Rotations provides terrific food created by our principal and accomplished chef Joe Abuso, an alumnus of the Culinary Institute of America. Mr. Abuso has created meals in some of the finest restaurants in the country. All meals are approved by a registered dietician so that the different health needs of retirement or nursing home residents are met.

Meeting all nutritional needs

Not every person “of a certain age” has the same dietary needs. They range from healthy, active retirees to the elderly who are closer to hospice care. Our resident centered menu planning tools will ensure you meet those different nutritional needs while still offering an assortment of delicious choices.

Menu planning for senior living can be difficult for the staff to meet the needs of all residents while cutting waste. Recipes & Rotations provides your staff with the tools necessary to maximize freshness and nutrition by accurately assessing your ingredient shopping list. Our 28-day menu rotations break you and your diners out of the humdrum weekly menus often associated with retirement centers or nursing homes.

Planning out a menu is easy with Recipes & Rotations

When you have a chef planning resident centered recipes backed by a registered dietician, you know you are getting the best of both worlds. Even soft and diabetic diets can be delicious!

It is the “planning” piece of resident centered menu planning that makes the difference.  Imagine your kitchen staff can program the shopping list for a targeted set of dates and number of diners. Imagine the recipes scaled to each time period to reflect the actual amount of ingredients needed. Now think of the approval of the diners and their family members when they are presented with fine dining with fresh ingredients for their “made from scratch” meals. We are certain we can improve the dining experience while reducing cost with our resident centered menu planning

Serve Recipes & Rotations’ chef-developed, resident centered recipes and add excitement and variety to your monthly menus.