Rotation Diet Menu Recipes

Assisted living centers, retirement communities and nursing homes don’t have to be synonymous with poor food options, and Recipes & Rotations wants to show you that with our extensive rotation diet menu.

Here at Recipes & Rotations, we work with these types of facilities who are tasked with offering their residents and guests three meals a day. Led by professional chef and hospitality guru Joe Abuso, we offer a 28-day menu rotation that allows these organizations to keep their food options fresh and delicious.

About our rotation meal plans

Recipes & Rotations makes it easy to bring a great selection to any kitchen. With our cost-friendly subscription service, we lay out a 28-day menu along with the corresponding ingredients to implement it.

These rotation diet recipes are not only approved by a registered dietitian, but they were created to taste great. When food is created to be healthy and hit on certain nutritional requirements, taste can become an afterthought. That’s why so many meals at senior living facilities lack taste and flavor.

With our rotation diet menu, not only does our food meet all necessary health requirements, but Mr. Abuso has put forth his mastery in the kitchen to design food that will taste great to just about anyone.

Offering variety from your kitchen just got easy

Our rotation meal plans do all the work for you — your kitchen staff just has to put the plan into action. On top of all that, Recipes & Rotations offers plans that are fully scalable to meet the demand of your facility. We offer an automatically-generated order form that makes it easy to order ingredients. It will tell you exactly what quantities of which foods to purchase in order to accommodate your residents and guests.

Breathe new life into your facility’s kitchen and meal plan with Recipes & Rotations. Consult with a member of our team for more information about our rotation diet menu.