Senior Living Menu Ideas

Are you all out of senior living menu ideas? When you manage a senior living or care facility that must provide three meals a day for residents, it can be challenging to develop and execute your own meal plan.

Creating menu ideas for seniors that are delicious and nutritional requires significant culinary and dietary knowledge and experience. Plus, there are already many other aspects of general operation that you must tend to around your facility – you don’t have the luxury of devoting your time to creating a menu.

Now, there is a simple solution: Recipes & Rotations.

This is a great way to introduce fun and exciting meal ideas for seniors that are both delicious and meet the stringent nutritional requirements for residents. How do we know? All the menu items provided by Recipes & Rotations are approved by a registered dietician.

What is Recipes & Rotations?

Take advantage of a long list of new senior living menu ideas by enrolling in our internet-based subscription program. Each month, our team sends facilities a 28-day menu rotation, complete with a full rundown on all the ingredients needed to produce the meals.

Kitchen managers can use our auto-generated order form to scale the menu to their facility and get an accurate quantity of ingredients needed — you don’t have to worry about over or under ordering.

These menu ideas for seniors are chef-inspired. In fact, they were developed by Joe Abuso, a formally trained chef that has spent time working in high-end restaurants around the country. That means the quality of the food is great all while meeting the necessary nutritional guidelines.

Enroll your senior facility in Recipes & Rotations

Infuse your meal plan with new senior living menu ideas that will greatly increase the quality of each dish and enhance satisfaction among residents. Contact the team at Recipes & Rotations to get started.