Senior Living Menu Rotations

At Recipes & Rotations, our team has a passion for fine food and a fulfilling dining experience, and it shows in our senior living menu rotations.

Just because senior living centers must adhere to strict nutritional guidelines doesn’t mean that their food has to be bland, boring or uninspired. Seniors deserve great meals every day and Recipes & Rotations delivers such with our senior living dining planning.

Sharing our passion with your facility and its residents

Recipes & Rotations offers dining solutions for retirement homes that are contained in our online-based subscription program. We do all the legwork needed to develop an extensive meal plan that consists of made-from-scratch comfort food that offers taste and variety in each meal — from 28-day menu rotations to detailed recipes and a handy ordering form that allows you to scale the meal plan to your facility.

While this might sound taxing on your staff, budget and other resources, it’s not — and that’s the beauty of our senior living menu rotations. In fact, by implementing our meal program, your facility is able to conserve its time and money by getting a plan in place for kitchen staff and reducing food waste.

More than just food!

At Recipes & Rotations, we view meal time as more than just food — this is a time to come together and socialize. Food is fuel for the soul, and with our senior living dining planning services, we strive to deliver an unforgettable service for your residents.

While other senior facilities focus on nutrition at the expense of taste, we have created chef-inspired, delicious meals that are also approved by a registered dietician.

Explore Recipes & Rotations and see how easy it is to implement at your facility. We’d love to show you some demos of our senior living menu rotations!