Three Five Star Chef Menu Planning

Did you know that you can implement three star chef menu planning at your senior care facility? Three stars refers to the Michelin Guide’s way or rating restaurants and the quality of their food.

Three star restaurants provide some of the highest quality dining in the country and you can bring a piece of that same dining experience to a senior care facility with Recipes & Rotations and our three star chef dining solutions.

Welcome to three star chef menu planning

Recipes & Rotations brings three and five star chef menu planning to your facility through our 28-day menu rotations of healthy meals. These are meals that were developed by Joe Abuso, a brilliant chef and hospitality professional in his own right.

Mr. Abuso has crafted menus for a wide range of senior care facilities throughout the country. He brings his experience working in high-end restaurants and for senior care facilities to provide five star chef dining solutions that you can implement easily.

Recipes & Rotations can revolutionize your facility’s meal program

Food at senior care facilities does not have to be uninspired, boring and bland. Recipes & Rotations provides clients with all the resources they need to produce made-from-scratch, restaurant-quality meals — all in a streamlined fashion that limits the need for your staff’s time, energy and money.

Providing this level of food for residents can help set your facility apart from the rest while providing a high quality of living for the men and women in your care.

Leverage five star chef menu planning

Instead of relying on dieticians to develop nutritious meal ideas, lean on the three star chef menu planning of Recipes & Rotations to make sure these are inspired meals that your residents will actually enjoy eating. Take a look at all the great things included in our subscription.